Character Name (Country): Trinidad

Character Name (Human): Aniniko Whelms

Character Age (Country Age): 456

Character Age (Human): 17

Birthday:July 31st 1498 (when Columbus re-discovered the island of Trinidad)

Siblings: Tobago, Spain, Britain, Port of Spain

Relationships:  (crys from so many relations, much typing ) 

Barbados: The two are like bickering siblings who deny the fact that they argue. They are kind to each but constantly bicker about fishing rights, Barbados wants rights to fish in Trinidad but the thought doesn't settle right on both ends of the deal.

Venezuela: Trinidad often has disputes about almost anything with Venezuela and though tensions raise very high  between them they still managed to stay friends, fish is a touchy topic between them and a argument will often occur if it's brought up. Also, Trinidad's boss had set up an agreement between the two that mostly benefits Venezuela, and this bothers Trinidad but not much. 

France and Belgium : She is very close to them and knows she can rely on them if the time for it comes.  She usually works anything business related with both of them instead of by themselves.  She has a great respect for France and sometimes calls him big brother respectively having known him for 200 years.

Russia: She has a great deal of loyalty and respect for Russia, he has helped hersmultiple times from protecting her from germany during ww2 to helping her become independent without any bloodshed.  She would back him up through anything feeling that she owes him for how much he has helped her. He is probably the closest any one has been to her without being related.

America: she finds him loud and strange but in a charming way, she keeps a respectful view of him from his determination to try to help her (even if she doesn't want help).He is usually the one who helps her state her mind if she is too shy to do it herself, he is constantly trying to get her to be stronger. She has a friendly relationship with America and doesn't mind attending his events and parties, he has a way of unlocking her more wild side that she is known to have during carnival.

Canada: She and Canada are best friends and highly interested in preservation of the multiracial culture in trinidad.  Trinidad is often teaching Canada how to be more militant while canda helps her with laws and maintenance of a peaceful island. He has set many anti corruption laws and wishes for trinidad to stay as un influenced by other countries as possible.  The two stick up for each other a lot and are a strong force when together. She hates to see others pick on canda and will butt in if needed. 

Spain: if there is one place this peaceful island hates it is spain, having been under him for 3 generations and have either faced neglect or some other hardship over time her love for her elder brother has died and turned into bitter hatred to the point where she refuses to deal with him at all. She refuses to call him big brother and while she will talk to him she will make the conversation as short as possible.

Port-of-spain:  When trinidad and her capital are together it's a wrap, you minus well not try to speak reason to them. With Port-of-spain being the crowd pleaser that she is trini finds it easy to go with the party vibes and just let loose. These two together are the meaning of carnival! 

India: One of trinidad's best friends. India really has a special place in trinidad's heart since the two knew each other since they were small (or should I say smaller). She loves his culture and appeal so much that much of it has been incorporated into her own mixed culture. She loves it most when he cooks for her and has even been taught to master her favorite recipes. The two are very proud of the indo-trinidadian roots they placed and can relate greatly by culture because of it. India is also often her dancing buddy, both of them having a wide love for music.

China and Mao : China is the one responsible for trinidad exploring multiple cultures in the first place,  vhina being on of the first foreign powers she met purely from cultural intrest and not because of political reasons or war.  China is her go to person if she wants to be childish seeming that china seems to adore children.  She also likes to hang with him so they can spazz about cute things.  When the two first met china gave her a stuffed cat whom she affectionately but simply calls Mao. Mao represents trinidad's first development into becoming a multicultural island. Even though the two seem close trinidad is always working to strengthen their bonds. 

Japan: Trinidad quite frankly has a strange attraction to Japan.  He managed to attain her friendship and trust in just 17 years.(which I believe is the shortest of most other countries).  She doesn't have any of Japanese culture mixed with hers but does find his way of life fascinating. She is rather close to Japan and likes to visit him alot, mostly because of the sakura blossoms.  Japan is the only person who might be as close to her as Russia is with out being related to her. She likes his calm demeanor and control over his emotions.  When it comes to discovering things about other cultures her and Japan are often in the same pot with trinidad being the more outgoing and open minded one .

Germany: Her relationship with him is a rather strained one . Trinidad has a fear of the german and often trys to avoid him. She has had a rough time trusting him since he attacked her and even though germany puts forth the effort to make there relationship better trinidad still is iffy around him. She will often skip out if he appears in the same room with her, tense up around him, and in extreme cases she'll cry. Port-of-spain often forces trinidad to spend time with Germany though she can't phantom why her sister likes to be around germany.  The only thing that keeps her around germany without spazzing out is there German Shepherd Breed club, due to trinidad's love of animals. She likes to visit germany if only to enter the Schutzhund Sporting events he holds. 

Cuba: The two meet through Port-of-spain but quickly discovered that they have more in common than they thought. Trinidad likes him best for his performing arts, since they both have a interest in it they help each other if one is ever doing something of that relation.

Jamacia: These two are pretty much just childhood friends, they were both under britan when younger. The two are playful often teasing each other a lot and finding ways to compete.  They compete in sports like football (soccer), cricket, etc. They even compete in dancing and carnival costumes. They would find anything to compete over,  but even if the tensions raise between them they still love each other. 

Australia: You know that friend you feel like you're supposed to know but you honestly don't know them much,  that's Australia for you. Australia is Port-of-spain's friend who tried to befriend trinidad, her being neutral island didn't deney the friendshipab but feels she knows nothing about Australia. 

Africa:  Trinidad finds herself admiring her best friend often, her demeanor and control of events just captives her. She has blended cultures with her and has a close bond with her, though trinidad has shy moments when she gets nervous about talking to Africa. 

Tobago: You would think as twins the two would be super close, and that couldn't be more true. But when people clump them together as one it causes arguments between them. When they first met trinidad was iffy around him because Barbados was supposed to be her sibling but instead it was tobago.  As time went on the two bonded and became inseparable.

Britain/England:  Ah, great Britain.  That wonderful land that helped shape trinidad into who she is today.  Trinidad loves britan dearly and respects him for doing so much for her. Trinidad was the closest to England and listened to him obediently up until she met Russia.  Trinidad affectionately calls britan "bap" or "bappy" which means dad is her dialect . The way britan comes off and cares for others makes him seem like a father figure in her eyes.   She likes to hang out with him to have tea and when in a more excitable mood they like racing horses.  Trinidad is usually on her best behavior around him and doesn't wish to upset him in anyway. 

Because I'm lazy I'm just going to put a link of all her embassies:

Here's a

fun fact!: Trinidad and sealand have the same exact colors and flag design.

Sealand :





If I could sum it up in one word it would be peaceful.  She is a really nice and sweet island who always trys to find a peaceful solution to everything, she's very optimistic and tries to see the good in everyone.  If you happen to get on this happy island's bad side then you are pretty much screwed. Trinidad happens to have a defense force, biggest English speaking one in the carribean actually,  and they protect the islands and the concept of peace. She not only protects her island but the other ones as well and is known as the "peacekeeper". Before guns she would beat down wrong doers with a stick, to a pulp, in front of everyone.  Now she won't stand for disturbance of peace, she never will. While if she will give you a chance to explain yourself if you're explanation isn't sufficient you will may be filled with lead.   yeah, don't tick her off.  On the brighter side of things the military has a steel drum band, the only ever steel drum military band! Back in her colonial days she was known to be quite a rebel against things that made her disgruntled.  She would have outbreaks of rebellion and while most was peaceful some got out of hand, though it all trinidad usually got her way. Her simplicity of viewing the peaceful and almost obvious solutions to things make her come off as childlike and innocent, but she's not very navie. While she will trust many people it takes a while to gain her trust and make her truly believe that your not just there for benefits.  Sadly to say the nice ones never get to the top without stepping on others, and, yes trinidad has been the steps many of times. On the brighter side trinidad has a weakness for cute things (mostly china's fault) and a fondness of nature and animals. She loves learning new things and often studys anything she's interested in, she keeps herself busy by learning multiple facts, mannerisms, and languages. She loves experiencing things that aren't existent or possible in her island like snow, new types of music,  hot chocolate, non native species of flora and fauna, etc.  Other than that she's very playful and has almost no sense of personal space.  Some may see her as childish or ditzy but one thing for sure is that she'll always try her best, she is very determined. 

Looks (If you have a picture, just post a link): As you would expect from an island girl she has brown skin, but it's not dark brown to represent how many diversities there are in trinidad.  She has shoulder length hair that shhe wears in pigtails, out, or down and big almond shaped eyes that are a lovely brown color. Her skin tone and hair color changes with the season getting lighter when it's colder seasons and darker in hotter seasons, unless she just stays home in which in that case she will stay the same.

I take her appearance to look like this:  The ring in the bottom of her hair represents tobago and her necklacei7 the fact that she is a crown island, the colors and design on her shirt represents her diversity. 

and in colder seasons like this : pigtails represent her and tobago being a crown island, two islands brought together as one

Why do you want to RolePlay as this character?: Because trinidad is often disregarded and overlooked when it comes to history even though she was involved in what textbooks consider important events,  she also has a great culture.  Not only that but she made a peace policy that a lot of countries agreed to try to enforce and denies nuclear weapons. I think someone should bring attention to the essence of Trinidad and not just focus on the pop culture.

Have you ever RolePlayed as this character before?: Yes

If you said no to the above question, why do you want to start RolePlay as him/her now?:

If you said yes to the above question, what was the RolePlay about?: it was a historical rp about Britain finding trinidad while she was under french rule and deciding to adopt her and raise her himself

When did you first get into Hetalia?: it's been about a year 

Can you roleplay in third person? Yes