This is how Anna look like.

Human Name: Anna (Anya, prounounced while Russia owned Alaska) Bakana

Gender: Female

Physical Age: 12 

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

'Love Interest': Russia

Physical Apperance/Personality Edit

She is smaller than Alaska and less taller than her. She had long brown hair but her mother cut it. It never grew. Ever. She also started to grow a long droopy curl. She has hazel colored eyes, but It faded to amber. She wears a long pink dress behind a Eskimo coat, other than, she will wear a green shirt and green jeans. 

She follows Alaska wherever she goes and depends on her. She Is very kind, also shy. She has the personality of Latvia and Canada mixed together.  She calls Alaska "Big Sister", instead of her name.


Anna represents the Aleutian Islands, which is located in Alaska. She has many brothers and sisters, but they all separated. She hopes to find them all and once be a family.  One day, when Anna was very little, Alaska was walking in the woods and found her. She was two years old, had nobody to care for her and was abandoned by her siblings. She raised her and treated her like a sister of hers. In three years, she found her identical sister, the Adak Island and got to know each other. She moved in with Alaska and got know know everyone. After being reunited with everyone, she started to have a crush on Russia. She never told him, because she was afraid he will tell Alaska.