Argentina is one of nine of fairytalefan's South America OCs. Her human name is Bianca Elizondo Acosta, and her birthday is on July 9th.


Appearance Edit

Argentina's hair is long and strait. She usually wears a red bandanna to hold her bangs back. She's 161.03 cm tall. (or 5' 3.4") She wears a black dress with a white apron, over a red, short sleeved shirt. She also wears combat boots. Her military outfit is a green dress with several pockets on the top and a belt, as well as black gloves. Her bandanna changes to black, and her shoes become military boots.

Personality and Interests Edit

Argentina is a very intelligent country. Despite having two peace prizes, she has a tendency for somehow falling into wars. She's said to be a very beautiful and friendly woman, but can also be very vain and arrogant. She's very cultured, but is also lazy and gets almost creepily excited about disruptive protests. She also tends to cheat at football/soccer, and also likes to brag about it. She also has an almost eerie obsession with trying to get sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the South Sandwich Islands. She is also cynical and a know-it-all, who denies being a part of the South American "family", and considers herself European. During the time of World War 2, she saw it as an economic benefit before joining in the war herself. Her greatest dream is to become the world's greatest superpower, no matter what, and no exceptions. Argentina enjoys theater, soccer/football, and dancing the flamenco.

Relationships Edit

Brazil Edit

Brazil and Argentina are close friends but fierce rivals, as well, especially when it comes to science. He has taken her side in the Falkland Island's dispute and are still improving their relationship.

England Edit

England doesn't like Argentina at all, because they are fighting over Falkland Islands' sovereignty. They, along with France and Spain, started arguing over who first found Falkland Islands. Eventually, the fighting escalated, and she chose to make a move by taking Falkland Islands, which led to the Falkland's War. For once, she retreated and returned Falkland Islands to England. She's still mad at him for getting rid of her armies in the South Sandwich Islands. They don't get along well, making the Ally meetings even more difficult.

America Edit

America and Argentina are friends. They agree on a lot of things, and help each other out. They are also part of a group of friends called the Three-Plus-One Group, with Brazil and Paraguay.

Trivia Edit

  • 2p! Argentina's name is Barbara.
  • Nyo! Argentina's name is Benedicto.
  • In Cardveres Hetalia, Argentina is part of the club kingdom.
  • Argentina was originally going to be a boy, and his name would have been Alejandro Garcia.
  • Argentina's worst fear is being insulted by those close to her.
  • Argentina is often seen holding a push broom.

    2p! Argentina, or Barbara


    Nyo! Argentina, or Benedicto


    2p! Nyo! Argentina, or Baldomero

    Argentina in her war uniform

    Argentina in Her War Uniform


    Cardverse! Argentina as drawn without a base