Human name: Desmen Seravisa

Gender: Male

Physical age: 24

Sexual orientation: unknown but possible either asexual or heterosexual

'Love interest': unknown

Physical AppeanceEdit

about 6'4", pure black hair, green eyes (blue when angel and red when demon) has a pentagram on his left hand and a holy cross on his right one, can vary in appreance as demon and will grow a pair of pure white angel wings when he is in archangel mode and black demon wings when he is in archdemon mode.

Personality and Abilities Edit

Desmen (sometime refered to as "the Demon Hunter") is the only surviving bodygard of The Soviet Union.  He is what is know as a nephilim, a half demon and half angel (not the giant), and has the powers of godly life force, known as arua. His main propose in life is to hunta and kill the damned on Earth, for this he has the Katana sword called "The Aura Blade" a long sword that can not be broken or dullened, and a set of steel claws called "Demon Claws". When in battle the demon hunter can change into diffrent forms, which are listed here: Demon Hunter mode, Angel mode, Archangel mode, Demon mode, Archdemon mode. For the most part not much is known about the Demon Hunter but more info. will be posted soon.