Eleanor Ruta is a fan made human Hetalia character. Her full name is Eleanor Anastazja Ruta.

Drawn by quenixy

Basic Information Edit

Full Name: Eleanor Anastazja Ruta

Nicknames: Ellie, Anya, Ruta, Beret Girl, Doormat

Species: Human

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 10

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5 in)

Appearance Edit

Eleanor Headshot
She has short blonde hair that is cut just above her shoulders, green eyes, semi-pale skin, and freckles spread across her face, and shoulders, which might indicate some Irish ancestry. Her eyelashes are unusually long, due to her addiction to lengthening mascara, and curl upwards near the end. She is usually seen in her working uniform, which consists of a black knee length dress with white cuffs, collar, buttons, beret and apron along with black slippers. She will be often portrayed bustling around the house doing some kind of chore. When upset, mad, drunk, or frazzled, little curls would pop up on her head representing messed up hair

If she ever has to go outside during the winter months, she would change into a light green mountain jacket, black snow pants, a wooly green beret, dark green earmuffs, and black winter gloves.

Personality and Interests Edit

Eleanor is a cheerful, obedient, yet somehow sassy young woman who adores children, cleanliness and berets. Her traditional parents raised her to be submissive to men, and to know her place in the household. She is a bit depressed due to the fact that she couldn't find a husband before turning twenty years of age, and feels that she had failed her folks by becoming a 'spinster'. Eleanor tries her best to please people, and her tolerance level is quite high. She is a stay at home type of person, which means that she rarely goes outside unless she is buying groceries or gardening. Due to the fact that she stays inside the house a lot, she doesn't interact with other people much, making her social skills a bit spotty. Eleanor can't sit still at all, so she has occupy herself with something that will take a lot of her concentration.

She is a bit of a doormat, always trying to do things for anyone so she can have a sense of purpose. Also a pushover, Eleanor is easy to be taken advantage of and is usually used as a pawn by more intelligent bosses. This can also mean that she is quite gullible. 

When drunk, she becomes increasingly playful and her modesty is shrunk quite a bit. She'll cuss more often and be easily persuaded into doing things she wouldn't normally do.

When finished with her chores, you'll find her knitting, sewing, reading, or trying to brush up on her Russian.

Biography Edit

Eleanor was born on March 10 in the rural part of Cleveland, Ohio to Andrzej Ruta and Estera Ruta. She was raised to be as traditional as possible, thanks to her old-school parents. She was homeschooled and was taught the basics of every subject, although her mother spent most of their 'school time' instructing Eleanor in the "fine art of home economics." When she wasn't working along side her mother, she would try to teach herself French since she was a Frenchie wannabe. Her father would also sometimes give her Polish lessons, which seemed like a waste of time to her. Both her parents hoped to marry her off to a rich man so she could have a comfortable life. At age sixteen, her mother and father tried to her hook her up with their friends' oldest son. The relationship didn't go so well, and they broke up about two weeks later. For the next two years, her life was filled with on and off relationships she had no interests in. When she turned eighteen, her parents gave up and decided to let her make her own decisions.

She left home to make a living out of what little education she had. After a few intense hours of internet surfing at the local library, she found an ideal place that was looking for full time maid services. The only problem was that it was located outside of Ohio. Eleanor had to beg for money from her parents in order to afford the plane ticket. So after a month of extreme groveling, she was sent on her merry way.

Relationships Edit

Francis Bonnefoy (France) Edit

Her favorite boss by far, Eleanor loved to be around Francis, and especially loves the way he speaks so romantically. When she was working for him, he would often flirt with her and the rest of the female staff, making them swoon with affection. Francis never made any sexual advances on his maids, due to not getting over the death of Joan of Arc, so Eleanor never got to see that side of him. During the 3 short years that she spent with him, she would often explore his lavish house, inspecting every knook and cranny for anything that could entertain her. Due to some recent economic issues, Francis had to let his staff go since he couldn't afford to pay them all anymore. Eleanor wishes she could turn back the clock, and often yearns for the good old days under the fancy roof of Mr. Bonnefoy.

Feliks Łukasiewicz (Poland) Edit

After being fired from Francis's house, she found another job, this time hired by a man from Poland. At first everything worked out somewhat fine, due to the fact that her new boss, Mr. Łukasiewicz, was a tad bit shy around her. But after a few months, it all changed. Feliks started to get clingy and troublesome toward Eleanor, and would often harass and tease her about her looks. What really disgusted her was the fact that he enjoyed crossdressing. So after about a month living with his 'new attitude,' Eleanor quit and left Poland for a new job.

Toris Laurinaitis (Lithuania) Edit

Eleanor was introduced to the serious introvert when he visited Mr. Łukasiewicz while she was still working for the Polish man. She never really got to know him much during her short stay with Feliks, though. Whenever Eleanor would try to talk to Toris, she would either make him uncomfortable with her social skills, or get tongue tied in mid-sentence. Her only regret about leaving Poland was never being able to get to know Toris well enough to call him an acquaintance.

Ivan Braginski (Russia) Edit

Her current boss, their relationship started out rocky due to some language confusion, but eventually smoothed out over time. They have a simple Boss-and-Worker relationship, and it hasn't and probably will not evolve into something a lot more. The two work together well, since Ivan doesn't have to threaten Eleanor to do something for him, and she generally obeys his commands.

Natalia Alfroskaya (Belarus) Edit

Eleanor is extremely revolted by the Belarusian, and fears her slightly. She is disgusted by the way she 'dominates the opposite sex,' and tries to avoid her whenever she visits. The two don't get along very well due to some conflicting point of views, and tend to argue when the two are forced to interact. Although she might act like she hates Natalia 24/7, Eleanor actually holds a sliver of respect for her, and is a bit envious of the Belarusian's ability to do and say what's on her mind.

Trivia Edit

  • Both her parents are from Poland. They immigrated to the United States of America before Eleanor was born in search of a better job.
  • Eleanor doesn't know that the people she worked for were actually the personifications of the countries in the world, although she is aware that they are out in the planet somewhere.
  • She likes to listen to music when cleaning the house.
  • Even though her folks gave up on pairing their daughter with someone else, Eleanor took it upon herself to find her own husband before she turned 21. But sadly, she never succeeded.
  • Eleanor is borderline OCD when it comes to organization and cleanliness. She gets really uneasy when things aren't just so at home or wherever she is.
  • She has a habit of talking to inanimate objects when feeling lonely, especially her cleaning supplies. Eleanor treats them as if they were actual people instead of non-living things.
  • She has what you call 'honest eyes'. Due to this, she can't hide her thoughts very well, and you can tell what is going on in her head just by looking at her eyes.