Human Name:
Elizabetha (Or Bethie) Seravisa

Gender: Female

Physical Age: 15

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Love Interest:  Unknown, maybe Desmen, if you know what incest is ;)

Physical apperanceEdit

About 5'11, Long, Jet black hair, Green eyes (purple when angel and red when demon) has a heart on her neck and a cross on her torso, can vary in apperance as a angel/demon/god and grow a pair of pink wings. 

She Is the long lost sister of Desmen and the chosen one, sent by god. 

Abilities and PersonalityEdit

Elizabetha (Elizabetja or Bethie) Is the angel/demon hunter sent by god to eliminate the damned with her brother. She Is a nephilim and a god (In training) half demon/angel. She has the power of a life force except her power is a bit amaturish. She has aura and Litheal, a special trick that can make a little bubble around her. She has a long, thin katana sword called the "Godly Realm" That can't break, dull, or rust. She has a set or steel pink claws and a few weapons. When she is in battle, She can change into many modes, especially the godly mode, when she turns giant and her sword becomes longer and stronger. When she is mad, she unleashes a effective light, which she calls, Hell.