Thank you for reading the fanfic rules. Please follow them!Edit

  1. Please check for spelling and errors before publishing fanfic.
  2. We love taking requests but don't go too far.
  3. If your making a lemon please don't add any pornographic stuff in it and watch the language.
  4. If your making a yaoi please don't be explicit and go too far.
  5. In a Hetalia x Reader you are supposed to add the [Name] for readers. You can also do (y/n), {Name}, (name), [Reader], etc.
  6. Read this before making one.
  7. DO NOT copy a fanfic that someone else made and paste it here, except if you made a fanfic on another website and you want to put it here.
  8. The fanfic is supposed to be HETALIA ONLY, not any other anime, even if it's related like Afghanis-tan.
  9. Write with

Thank you for reading this!