Real Name:    Djavakhi Dekanozishvili

Age:  29

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual

Love Interest: None

Personality/Physical ApperanceEdit

He Is 6'8,and have a stubble under his chin like France. He has dark brown hair, held back with gel like Germany, has hazel colored eyes. He wears an army suit (like Stalin's) and tall brown boots.

He is a war dictator and has a weapon collection. He hangs out with Russia and the Soviet Union sometimes other than that do paperwork. He always carries a black pipe with him. He can be quite bossy and can lose his temper but controls it.


Georgia's childhood was very scaring. He was orphaned (because his parents died) and depended on himself to survive. He had noone to care for and was living all alone. At fourteen he had a few bodygards but when the tartar found out he was taken away from his homeland but escaped. He was forced to watch his friends and family die causing him to be a  tempermental and a coldhearted man. Everyone hated him, and teased him everywhere he would go. He almost got killed. When one day, he was walking and saw a young man. He was all alone and his name was the Soviet Union. He took him in, raised him, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Finding those three a year apart. When Belarus was taken away by the tartar he helped him and her escape. He moved in with Russia but when everyone got to know him he moved in with the Soviet Union.


Russia: Georgia gets along with Russia but once he got into a war with him they started not to talk to each other for a while. But when the war ended, they became friends again.

S.U.:  Georgia and S.U. are best friends and hang out with each other. He also teaches him how to be a dictator and encourages him on how to smoke a pipe.

Ukraine: To him he sees her as a close friend (friendzoned :I), but due to his boss (Stalin, remember?) starving her and her people, they are not really friends anymore.

Belarus: (See Ukraine)  his boss again gave her territory to Lithuania,  they aren't friends neither.

Alaska: Trys to get her away from America but fails (because Alaska is a state). Alaska also don't like him because him and his army invaded her regions.