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Welcome to the Hetalia Roleplay Wiki We are currently on 82 articles, and 185 files, and 2,371 edits. Privet. If you like to roleplay, then you came to the right place. all characters can be used even your own OCs (other character). Add a page about your OC so the world may learn about them.

We make up Ocs (original characters) and introduce them to the world. Please look at The Site Rules before adding a page or going on the chat.

At this wiki you will be able to roleplay with other fellow Hetalia fans.

For rules and regulations please visit the Roleplay, Chat, and Site Rules page that is shown up. For role assignments and schedule details please visit a admin's page. Pay attention to the blogs for updates on role availability, schedule updates, and other happenings around the Wiki! If you need help please message an admin on their message wall. Thanks for visiting!

We need YOU to help us let the world know about Hetalia and OCs! You can make a difference and make this wiki GROW! Help it reach over a hundred edits, fans!

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