Kallina (or Kallinna) is the daughter of Tallinn and Veida. 


Kallina is a eccentric girl with a passion for creativity. She is also energetic, but gets tired easily. She is very shy when she is near people, especially Poland.  Sometimes her personality can sound like a teenager, due to her laid back attitude. She can be very very tsundere but once she know she will get along just well!


She has long, dirty blond hair (just like Tallinn), and blue (or purple) eyes (from Tallinn). 


green-brownish color. She wears white dresses sometimes in world meetings and a sweater and shorts at times. 


Poland: Kallina is creeped in him, but he is like a grandfather sometimes.

Russia: The creepier one. Tries to avoid him every second. 

Uncle Ed: He is a cool guy!

Aunt Kat: She cooks good. (she has ballons attached to her ches....)

Aunt Natalia: Good to have around. She laughs every second she tries to seduce him.

Dad: (see the typical father daughter relationship)

Mom: (see the typical mother daughter relationship)