Real Name:  Anastasiya Nurzan

Physical Age:   23

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation:    Heterosexual

Love Interest:  EVERYONE IN TEH WHOLE WIDE WORLD BECAUSE SHE IS A KINDFUL LADEH THAT LIEKS EVERYONE  (see Ukraine and please edit this to something that makes moar sense, thnx)

Physical ApperanceEdit

About 6'5, long cashmere brown hair, and hazel colored eyes. She wears a long blue coat with black army pants and brown boots behind, other than, she wears a pair of jeans and sneakers. She is shy and nice and trys to help anyone out there.

She hangs out with all the countries and visits everyone.


Kazakhstan lived with her siblings Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan in the harsh winters of Asia. Kyrgyzstan was the oldest one, and took care of everone and was depended on. Kazakhstan was bullied by the Asian countries because she and her family was poor. One day, when the Tartar ran out of power, he kidnapped her and took away her vital regions so it can get more power, She was in there for one year until she escaped (thanks to her siblings and her Soviet friends). She lived with the Soviet countries (In a mansion) and everyone get to know her better.

Russia: Her and Russia are best friends and also drinks with him and the rest at the mini bar.

Soviet Union: Thanks to him, she was set free by the Tartar. They are also best friends.

Ukraine: They don't talk much, but they get along too.

Belarus:  (See Ukraine)

Alaska:  (See Ukraine)