Human Name:  Kenshi Silvestri

Gender:  Male 

Physical Age: 30

Love Interest: Unknown

Physical ApperanceEdit

About 8'11", blond spiky hair, Indigo colored eyes (Yellow when shadow demon, red when angel) he has a moon on his back and also have a magic sign on his forehead (only shown when battling). 

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Kenshi (Or Kenny) is the shadow hunter  and Desmen's only friend. He Is a wizard-demon, half wizard and demon and his purpouse is to conquer his magic skills and kill the damned, but he can't because he have to find the five auras (they are filled with a very strong seal of power) and hunt down the shadows. He has a long black wand with a book filled with dark spells that he carries with him in case when a battle happens or when he needs it. Like the emotionless Desmen, he too also have no emotion. He cannot feel anything and he never smiles. More info will be posted..