Basic Information  Edit

Human name: Camelia Bogdan

Gender: female

Physical age: fourteen

'Sexual orientation': heterosexual

'Love interest': Sweden, Estonia (maybe but if she is interested in him surely she wouldn't admit it ;3 ),Germany ,England, and Russia( don't ask me...) 


Moldova isn't really a "cheery" person. She doesn't really smile a lot and can be easily annoyed. She is well-known to boss everyone around and seen carrying papers and work. She loves to stand near Germany and Estonia (especially when England's getting angry at America and Germany pushing Italy away from him). She is a loner but at times she loves to be near people and Siberia (childhood friend). She is a perfectionist and a loner (at tiimes she don't act that feminine). When she sees Germany she likes to flirt a little bit with him. Estonia


She has sky blue eyes and brown-blond hair,(almost the color of Hungary's hair). wears a purple-like coat/dress with baby blue frills behind the dress. She also wears gray tights with yellow flat shoes or boots. She also wear thick rimmed blue glasses with a hat (the hat chibitalia wears). She also have a curl on the top of her head (her erogenous spot).  Romania seems to wear a hat and has a curl on his head too.