Moldova and Romania are OC charcters.


Moldova and Romania are not in a relationship though they look like it. Romania is Moldova's older sister and it says they have a normal relationship as siblings ( Moldova: Camelia Bogdan and Romania: Valeriu Bogdan).

=Growing UpEdit

Romania and Moldova grew up in a small cabin with their brothers and sisters, Slovakia(Adoptive),Slovenia(Adoptive), Czechslovakia,Yugoslavia,Czech Republic,and Hungary.


Estonia: Moldova is his friend and at times his adviser; she always look out for him and Romania, due to the male countries fight a lot. Even though that Estonia can trigger her nerves sometimes she has strong feelings for him.

Siberia: Moldova's best friend. She encorages her to have fun and loosen up(due to her boring personality).

S.U: She is very fond of him and he is very fond of her. They almost have some things in common and well known to be the smart ones in the meetings.

Russia: Moldova's other best friend. When once she was a baby he found her and took care of her for 4 years until she been taken away by Hungary due she thinks that he is to "mentally unfit" to take care of her.

Ukraine: Moldova's mental crush and friend. She seems to be attracted to her and mostly follow her sometimes. She hates Canada and doesn't like Belarus very much.

Romania: Moldova's over-protective brother and best friend. He is well to sniff glue a lot and get into fights with Estonia. He likes to pull pranks sometimes(like pulling up her dress).