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Human Name: Genghis Sangerel

Age: Over 2,000 years old (Like China)

Gender: Male

Love Interest: Unknown


He is taller than China, he has black (brown in the Beautiful World version) silky hair in a ponytail, shining amber eyes, and hairy eyebrows. He wears a red and blue deel, over a shirt and black pants, with hazel colored boots. He is very charasmatic, so he will boast to anyone, or otherwise block China from Russia. He sometimes sits next to Kazakhstan and bother her in anyway.


Mongolia lived with China and Turkmenistan when he was little and learned how to be a country when he

How I portray Mongolia

was a teenager He has a long period of history, especially when he invades the Kazakhs. He was also born in the B.C. period, so he's really old. Older than China and/or Greece. He loved horseback riding and knitting, so he would knit or ride a horse at the time. When he metts other countries, he feels shy because he don't want to tell them his life, because it would accuse him as being some old man.


China: He gets along with China, except he has to deal with smacking him with a ball.

Russia: He is shy near him and for some reason like to block him from meeting China.

Japan: They fight a lot..

America: Likes to screw him.

Kazakhstan: Mongolia's pretty puzzle piece of territory that someday he will get his hands on.