Kassidy is the Human personification of the city of New York.

Basic InfoEdit

Human name: Kassidy Williams

Gender: Female

Physical age: 16, about two years younger than America/Alfred

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Love interest: Possibly America/Alfred


Kassidy is a cheerful, energetic and hyperspazztic young woman, who loves to have fun. She is slightly conceited, and is rather nosey when it comes to other peoples' business. She has a very short attention span, and usually cannot stay focused. She has Monophobia, a fear of being alone. She has slight abaondonment issues, and has a fear of people leaving her.

Apart from that, though, she is usually quite happy and energetic. She usually spends most of her time hanging out with America/Alfred, watching horror movies and playing videogames and such.

However, when she is being serious, calm, and focused, it is revealed that she actually reads things through and follows the instructions carefully of the situation.

Despite her looks, she is NOT a girly-girl. She is a total tomboy to the max.  All-in-all, she is nice, kind and a good friend.


She has curly, light blond hair that reaches just past her waist. She has icy blue eyes, and light, peachy-colored skin. She wears a small, dark-blue short-sleeved jacket, and a blue shirt with two white stripes on the bottom. She wears a purple skirt, with two stripes. The color of the skirt gets more pink as you go down. She wears neon-blue boots with a white fish-net pattern on the front, and the bottoms are white. She has a white bracelet on her left wrist, a pink headband, and wears a black necklace (If you could call it that) She also has a hair curl sticking out of the left side of her head/hair.


Even though her last name is Williams, she has no relation whatsoever to Canada/Matthew.

She is a bit emotionally unstable from the 9/11 incident.

It is quite possible she has feelings for America/Alfred, and wants to be more than friends.

She is Claustrophobic.