Nyoron, Veida-San  (Japanese: ニョロ語、ファイトさん [Nyoro-go, Faito-san]) is a short webcomic that follows the adventures of a super-deformed version of Veida. It was inspired by the Anime Churuya-san. This is also a episode of this in Echo Academy.

Nyoron Veida

Veida in her Nyoron form.

Main CharactersEdit










Tonsil (Echonster)

(The rest of the Hetalia nations)


Veida is seen as mischievous and eccentric, at times fierce. She sighs the word "nyoro~n" or "Kutabare" when she doesn't get what she wants or when she is teased or trying to stand up for herself. She has a obsession for smoked cheese and white bread, and often annoy everyone to make it for her. She is sometimes lonely or miserable, due to the nations treating her badly (The characters are portrayed ignorant). She has a very naive personality, she will act innocent near people to be rewarded or for attention.


Each episode has a title from a line in the episode. The title was not present in the episode itself, but can be found on the back of the Japanese comic release. During the episode, only the name and episode number were given.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1/2: Smoked Cheese!

  1. Kutabare~!
  2. Feito-san and the missing smoked cheese
  3. Feito-san and Tallinn-kun
  4. Echo Academy scavenger hunt
  5. Polish Gibberish
  6. Slavic sassiness
  7. Microphone to Echonster
  8. Feito-san's day
  9. Nyoron to the Chikyuu! (song)
  10. Feito-san's adventure

(Season 2 and 3 and 4, as well for 5, 6, 7 are currently in construction.)

Spoiler, Spoiler!Edit

Here is a tiny spoiler of chapter 11. It is currently in construction but nyeh, we can't help it. 


Veida: Hey Tallinn-kun! Tallinn-kun!

Tallinn: -turns around to notice Veida-

Veida: Why do you love me so much? 

Tallinn: Because mostly your the only person that makes my life harder (easier).

Veida: *looks down* Nyoro~n...

Script 2:Edit

Veida: Austria-kun! Austria-kun!

Austria: What do you want?

Veida: Can you play the melody from yesterday?

Austria: No, go away.

Veida: Oww... *looks down* Nyoro~n..

What does "Nyoron" and "Kutabere" mean?Edit

"Nyoron" is a catchphrase meaning sort of disappoitment mixed with acceptance of defeat, whereas "kutabere" is supposed to mean "Fuck you". 

Unveiling in..Edit