Human Name: Łidia Łukasiewicz

Age: 24


Love Interest: Unknown...

About her Edit

She has long blond hair, similar to Poland's and has red ribbons in her hair, emerald green eyes, and wears a locket, but nothing is not in it. Sometimes in random episodes, she wears a dark green dress (similar to Hungary) and black boots.

She was seen in in the First World Conference, wearing a traditional Polish dress and flats, with her hair in pigtails



Oświęcim is always smiling. Quite a airhead, but nice to anyone, and a bit shy. She likes to cook pierogies and following Lithuania. Enjoys painting pictures and hang out with Poland. She likes to make competitions with people, proving how pretty she is.


Russia: She is scared of him but may have a bit of feelings for him.

Poland: Oświęcim's older brother. They get along, but don't talk to each other because he is busy being with Lithuania.

Estonia: She feels a bit comfortable with him, but his gadget habits can easily make her bored of him.

Latvia: She thinks he is cute but not cute cute.

Lithuania: Liet~

Veida: Their friendship is strong, but still don't get what a Echonster is.