a page for the different parings for the OCs feel free to add to it 

M/F parringsEdit

Soviet Union X Alaska 

Soviet Union X Ukriane

Soviet Union X Belarus 

Soviet Union selfcest 

Desmen X Elizabetha

Desmen X Angelica

Desmen X Samantha

Russia X Alaska 

Russia X Samantha

Russia X Elizabetha

England X Serenia

Canada X Serenia

2p! Canada X Serenia

F/F parringsEdit

Belarus X Alaska 

Alaska X Ukraine

Elizabetha X Samantha

Elizabetha X Angelica

Elizabetha X Ukraine 

Samantha X Belarus

Ukraine X Angelica 

Samantha X Angelica

Atlantis X Serenia

M/M PairingsEdit

Soviet Union X Russia

Soviet Union X Desmen

Desmen X Russia