I made OCs to represent the pokémon regions, and this is a short description of each. 

Kanto: a tall, mouthy 19 year old with honey golden eyes and shiny black hair down to the middle of her back. Doesn't like being told what to do, and usually wears a tattered lavender hoodie and torn jeans. Uniform: male pokémon gen 1 uniform. She sounds somewhat like South Korea in her accent, but likes to end her sentences with "chu" sometimes. (For awhile I debated on whether I should give her a little curl or something, and I finally just decided to go ahead and give her one like S.K's. It's smaller, on the other side of her head, and doesn't have the little face inside it.)

Johto: a skinny 15 year old boy with a shiny eevee by the name of aeon as his companion. His hair is short and black, and his eyes are colored like pokéballs. Embarrassed by this, he wears sunglasses elsewhere. He is always seen in uniform, which is the gen 2 male trainer outfit. Has Japanese accent.

Hoenn: a 17 year old poochyena gijinka with a knack for talking to pokémon. He never wears his uniform unless he has to, and is usually seen in a black tee shirt and jeans. He has fluffy black hair and dicey blue eyes. Uniform: male hoenn region trainer outfit. 

Sinnoh: a sweet, naive young 16 year old blond with a starly named skyy on her shoulder all the time. She loves to be around her brother, hoenn, because he's always so protective of her. Uniform: female sinnoh region uniform. Has German accent. 

Unova: sweet, loving, 17 year old girl with green hair and red eyes, and has an unnamed shiny litwick as her companion. She likes to wear jeans and a loose black hoodie, and absolutely despises the unovian girls uniform, so wears the boys outfit instead. Has Russian accent (^J^) 

Kalos: a gentle, romantic 15 year old boy with fluffy, chocolate brown hair and ocean blue eyes under a red and white ballcap. He wears a black and white striped shirt under a navy blue denim jacket and blue jeans. His companion is a fluffy, fairly prissy furfrou named Venus, who regards herself as the only creature in any realm good enough for kalos. He has a French accent (ohohohohon~)