Basic InformationEdit

Human name: Svetlana Braginski

Gender: female

Physical age: twenty

'Sexual orientation': heterosexual

'Love interest': Depends on who she like especially Estonia.


Sasha is always smiling. Always. Seldom does it ever fade, even when she's in extreme amounts of pain. Actually, that's exactly why she smiles. In the real world outside of her duties as Siberia (and sometimes when just talking to other countries like Lithuania), she is usually bullied a lot and trys to flirt with   befriend Estonia. She is also very lonely in her country. She smiles to cover it up.

She has a bit of inner happiness, but not much. Even so, though most people see her as nothing more than a clingy alcoholic, she devotes most of her strength to helping others instead of herself.


She has ice-purple eyes and light blond hair. She wears a standard Russian army uniform to World Meetings, to war , and occasionally just to visit other nations. Other times, she wears a rainbow shirt, a heavy dark red coat, a skirt and winter boots.