Slovakia and Slovenia are OC Hetalia characters

Growing UpEdit

Slovakia and Slovenia grew up in the Austro-Hungrian empire and was taken care by Hungary, but then taken away by Romania due to a fight. Yes, they are related, Slovaka is a girl and Slovenia is a boy but in their childhood life, Slovenia was dressed up and treated like a girl that people mistaked  he was Slovakia.

Friends and PersonalityEdit

Slovakia and Slovenia had many friends especially Italy and Romano. Slovakia has a warm generous personality and Slovenia has a nice but has a laid-back attitude that gets on certain people's nerves. Hungary is their adoptive sister and Romania is their adoptive brother. Austria is their friend, but never seen with him. Slovakia has a crush on Austria but never admits him due to Hungary or Prussia. Lithunia is Slovenia's friend but people don't think so due to the way he treats him calling him a "wimp" or throw acorns at him.