Before S.U. was in a relationship with Alaska, S.U. loved Ukraine and wanted to be with her but what little did he know that Ukraine was married, so this  crushed him, he fell into a deep depression and was drinking till he was wasted every night for about two weeks, until one night he was drinking with Alaska and in many drunken conversations they ended up in a relationship, at this point he has the thought that he is subconciously with he because of her similarity to Ukraine, even though in reality he does truly love her.

S.U. and Alaska almost have everything in common; they love to hunt, they have a weapon collection, and mostly, they love shooting a bear in winter. Alaska would do anything to cheer S.U. up from his glooms and help him out. What he likes about her is she is similar to her sister Ukraine, she is very nice and she actually loved him, and she has everything in common with him.