Human Name: Andrus Von Bock

Age: Somewhere in his 20s

Love Interest: I don't know, maybe technology, and maybe/or Veida

About himEdit

He is quite tall, same height as Estonia. His features look quite similar to him, except he wears thick blue glasses. In episodes he can be seen wearing a dark blue army uniform, similar to Lithuania's or a sweater over a black shirt and cashew colored pants. Usually sitting alone using a laptop or texting. Other times he might wear his native clothing. . He is patriotic about his country/brother and proud to be a Estonian, mostly. Thinks he's Slavic. He also loves history and studies it.


His typical personality: Being frightened near Russia, tired face (from using his laptop), daydreaming about technology, obsession for piiraka, and nerdy-ish (awkward, loner, high-tech)


-Estonia: Tallinn's older younger  twin brother-clone that he likes to hack/pull pranks on and depend on him to clean up his on his own mess.

-Russia: His worst nightmare. Tries to avoid him at all costs.

-Latvia: They get along well.

-Lithuania: Very awkward when talking, but they get along.

-Poland: They are the best of friends. Like to talk about food with him.

-Veida: Kabere is a cool girl; she knows how to code and not afraid of Russia. Has feelings for her. (Befriending feelings)  They love each other