Ireland 2

Ireland in her military uniform. (Created on DollDivine)

Basic InformationEdit

Name The Republic of Ireland

Human Name: Aileen Beaconsfield

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Ginger

Eye Color: Green

Height: 170cm (5'6)


Ireland has medium-length, curly orange/ginger hair, dark eyebrows, emerald-green eyes and freckles over her cheeks and nose. Her military dress consists of a dark green vest with gold buttons, a high-waist dark green and gold skirt, brown ankle boots and gloves and a dark green bicorn with yellow roses on the left side. She sometimes wears a pale green hoodie and jeans with a shamrock on her belt. Ireland, as being a relative of England, has rather dark eyebrows but they are not as bushy.


Ireland is feisty, energetic and determined. But in modern times, she is a hot-headed, blood-thirsty but still a fun-loving pub lover. After America became independent, Ireland has become determined to become as far away from England as possible, even thought their countries are next to each other. She then developed a short temper and got into frequent arguments with Northern Ireland and England. Despite this, Ireland can be relatively cheerful and energetic, sometimes even flirty.