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Wiki Rules

  • Be respectful to each other.
  • We love fanart but we ask you not to post anything pornographic, guro, hentai, or sexual.
  • OCs (other characters), 2p Ocs!, and OOCs are allowed.
  • No spamming.
  • Do not vandalize any pages.
  • please do not put pages/blogs into the deletion category unless you have a reason and state said reason.

Chat Rules

  • No links to mentally scarring sites.
  • Don't start fan wars or any drama in general.
  • and no smut in public chat (do i really need to say it again... but to avoid loopholes i shall, keep it in PM)
  • Do not post links of pornographic websites
  • Do not troll or spam. That may cause lags.

Thank you for reading the rules. Be sure to follow them.