The myth of Dearest Annabel was a true story. She was a phenomenon, might be a cancer​​,  admired, spoiled, attention wanting fanbrat.

Name: Annabel Rian​ Von Bock

Age: 15

Annabel was very invisible, not prone to getting everyone's attention. so, she made crude fanart of her lovert and made rant journals of Ukraine, a domestic Hetalia character. This rised her not only into fame, she was rised to be the most utterly immature of Deviantart. When people asked her to take it down, she stubbornly kept it up and would pull it down as long as people worship her and push their ideas beside to make Estonbel fanart (Estonbel was a pairing name for Estonia and Annabel). She hopefully pulled the journal down and she was asslicked everywhere, even the immature haters. She befriended Immaeatyouryaoi, a wise Danish artist, HetariasWaifu4Laifu, A 20 year old kawaii-famed Englophile, and had issues with shadowfan, a furfag that picks on innocent deviants. She even makes rants about them on YouTube. Throughout the years, she was watched, favourited, and honoured. People would often visit her page and reply with hello comments, but Annabel was bipolar and had the feelings and anger of a angry leashed dog, so she barks at them, accusing them to be trolls or maybe troublemakers. She bumped into a deviant named steinfan and she wanted to make her feel like she was the biggest bitch so she shat rants and Annabel was targeted with death threats on her page. Then, she was suspended anonymously, nobody reported her. The good news is that her suspension will be over in the next freaking October. You can search for MapleMaddie and find rants of her, as well for AkaiDalia, a red sonic character compared by many fans to be just like Annabel.


Annabel wears a Liechtenstein-like dress, except its a little short with frills on the end, she keeps a white apron and black tie around her chest (like Belarus), and white boots like Iceland's. She has long chestnut hair and wears glasses. She carries a neko formed Russia (or Russia cat, to represent her sailor moonish appearance), and under her dress, she originally wore a Japanese school uniform, except it was like Lucky Star, and it was long sleeve, and the uniform color was white, blue. 


Annabel could be sweet and caring, but she has a final form that will creep you out. She is very clingy and will follow you everywhere, anyplace, even your house. Shell have any sample of your DNA and she will creep you out near your friends. She could chase you around the place and catch you. She loves to hug everyone and will kill anyone for the sake of her love. She is deeply determined to find someone she loves and will try her best to make them hers (Hiinata thing). She has a extreme case of GOTIS and yandaitis. 

140526 001923

Annabel's appearance. She is in her yandere form.