Tallinn-Veida (or Vallinn)  is a pairing between Veida and Tallinn

They both get along and interested in C++ and other software. They can be seen together looking at a laptop or walking somewhere. Vallinn is very popular, especially having it's own canon stamp.

Veida has affection for Estonia, But she already admitted that she loved Tallinn.

Tallinn has feelings for her, also likes the way she knows about the internet. 

He feels quite nervous near her but doesn't show it because he is afraid he might get embarassed.

How they metEdit

They first met in the world conference. Tallinn was sitting next to her in the replacement of Estonia who had been currently involved in another national IT project. Veida, completely ignoring a monotonous speech of Japan, was scribbling some pictures in her notebook. A few of them pictured Eduard and her together.

Andrus may like his twin brother much, but sometimes he's jealous about all of the attention he had on. And just because he took the role of a country... Tallinn convinced himself: he had to take that pretty girl in fornt of his brother's nose.

Did you know..Edit

  • In a scrap comic strip of Hetalia there was a scene of Veida and Tallinn, opening presents? Poland gave them quite a disturbing dress!
  • Veida mistakes them Estonia and Tallinn sometimes?
  • In episode (roughly) 200 of Hetalia the beautiful world nosey France and England were spreading "rumours" about the two getting together?
  • (Spoiler) In episode 78 of the world series Veida chose Tallinn in seven minutes in heaven.

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