Veida - an independent micronation of very unique creatures called Echonsters. (well, who are they - it'll be explained later). Her human name is Kabere Devinas.

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Full name: The Diasporic Nation of Veida
Capital: London (well... exactly its one of underground building)
Birth's date: 7th March
National sign: microphone; wild rose
Height: 168 cm
Dubbing: (Japanese) Junko Nada


Veida is quite tall for a female nation and well-built, just as countryside girl she used to be. She's got brown-reddish hair with ridiculously outstanding shorter strands around her face. She hides her heterochromic eyes (strictly: the left one is greyish blue and the right one is light brown) behind strong glasses.

She's mostly depicted in her first World Conference outfit: black "coat" with silver lacing, white shirt, black-red skirt and navy blue Oxford shoes.


Veida is unpredictable, like most of the Slavs. (To explain: as a country she isn't Slavonic, but in her human past she was growing up in north-east Poland.) She's mostly spontaneous and bad-tempered, but has also problems with making friends because she wouldn't speak first and often prefers to be alone. She has strangely pervy sense of humour. Kabere is egocentric, but sensitive not only at her point. She tends to take responsibility or guilt of another people.  She loves music and art, for which (and for other countries) created her citizens.

...but who the heck are Echonsters?Edit

They are kind of silver-skinned immortal creatures who are "living chronicles" of their countries, especially their culture. It's very young species - the oldest of them, Voicelly from Great Britain (born on the border between Scotland and England) is 186 years old. Each of them has got a unique supernatural talent. Echonsters, who are calling Veida also "Leturi", admire their creator and representant, but don't bother with reproofs if she does something wrong.


Poland - She likes spending time with him but don't like be called his daughter (nor does he).

France - Kabere can pretend to be kind to him but sometimes tells him how she really feels about him. She thinks France is overwhelming with his "love aura" and lifts himself too high.

Russia - She doesn't feel him intimidating, maybe because she can be madly brave herself. Although she can see the colours of all of his auras, like any other Slav. Kabere isn't in very friendly relationship with him.

America - She barely handles his boisterous and clingy way of being.

Tallinn - Her crush after Estonia. First she thought Andrus is his shadow clone, but changed her mind after knowing each other better.  They love each other